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About us

Grafton Friendlies Investments Limited

Grafton Friendly Societies Pharmacy Ltd. was incorporated on the 8th May 1916 . Friendly Society’s (lodges) were originally mutual aid organizations formed to protect their members against debts incurred due to illness, old age or death and this company was set up to establish a pharmacy to provide pharmaceuticals and associated supplies at a reasonable price to its members. This unlisted company was formed and members of local lodges invited to take up share offers to finance the venture at five shillings per share.The pharmacy commenced trading on 1st June1916.

Some years later the company changed its name to Friendly Societies Pharmacy Ltd. Under provisions of the NSW Pharmacy Practice Act 2006 shareholders could no longer hold a pecuniary interest in a pharmacy business without being a registered pharmacist.
A new company(Grafton Friendlies Chemist Ltd. ABN 87 143 880 451) limited by guarantee was incorporated in 2010 and the pharmacy business was sold to that company.

In the same year the company ( FriendlySocieties Pharmacy Ltd.) had a new constitution drawn up and changed its name to Grafton Friendlies Investments Ltd. to reflect the true nature of its activities.

Grafton Friendlies Investments Ltd. ABN 42 000 07 125 remains an unlisted public company limited by shares.


Mr Timothy White ( Chairman )
Mrs Julie Mc Caughey ( Secretary )
Mr. John B Gorrie
Mr. Peter T Smyth
Mr. Glynn Bodimeade
Mrs Natasha Hillery

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